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Locally grown persimmons, muscadine grapes, peaches,and figs for Houston area.

My published articles.

About us
My published articles.
My fruit and grapevine nursery.


"Qaulity, quality, that should be the aim of all who grow anything and it is the true organic ptinciples which give the richness, the flavour, the goodness, the health."  H.J Massingham. "The Wisdom of the Fields."

From time to time I publish my articles in Texas Gardener and Pomona magazines about the results of my testing work on fruit trees and grapevines. I want to share my knowledge with the other people and encourage everyone to plant more trees and make our unique state and country more beautiful. Please visit 

 to read the articles about growing Japanese persimmons and muscadine grapes in the Houston area.       

As the ancient philosopher Zoroaster said: "If everybody planted fruit trees on their property, then this world would turn into one beautiful garden."


We grow all our fruits using only the highest quality homemade compost that makes all our fruits incredible delicious, sweet, and full of nutrition. Although once certified organic, the fees became excessive, and we no longer seek organic certification. We grow Saijo, Giombo, Tamopan, Hira-Tanenashi, Fuyu, Saruga, and other unique varieties impossible to find in stores. Some fruits weigh more than one pound.The persimmons have different shapes, flavors, and textures. The fruits ripen on the trees naturally and have an attractive look and scrumptious taste. Please look at the pictures and visit our farm during the ripening season.
Visit us, taste, and buy our delicious and unique varieties of persimmons and figs from us! Email /