Locally grown persimmons, muscadine grapes, peaches,and figs for Houston area.

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"The quality of our nutrition depends upon the quality of our food. The quality of our food depends primarily upon the quality of our soil upon which it is grown."
"The Plot of Earth." by H.J.Massingham.

Where to buy our produce.

1. Visit our farm in Coldspring.

2. In Houston near Downtown you can visit Central Co-op or visit several locations in Houston area.

Please email me or call.

Welcome to our web site!
Welcome to our Organic Pomona Farm that is located in Coldspring, TX.  We named our farm Pomona because it is a big and beautiful orchard of fig, pear, persimmons, plums, and nectarines trees, and Pomona means fruit in Greek. We sell several varieties of Japanese persimmons, figs and  pear trees, and also jujube, nectarines, plums. All our fruits have incredible delicious taste and ripe on the trees. During the ripening season you can visit our farm, taste the fruits and buy the trees that produces the fruits you like.
 Welcome to our Organic Fruit Farm.
What do we use in our farm? The answer is thoughtfully simple. We use the energy of the sun and the fertility of the soil.  We never use any petrol-chemicals in growing our fruits and vegetables. We believe only in the organic method of growing any vegetables and fruits, and our animals help us with it.
Let me introduce them.
 1) Our donkey Peanut. Look at the pictures of how beautiful she is. Peanut is very sweet and nice. She likes when people pet her. Very often she come up to greet the visitors. We do our best to keep her very clean, healthy, and happy. Peanut enjoys eating the fresh and green baby  grass. We cut the grass in the orchard every two weeks  during the season. According to the scientific research, the baby grass has more nutrition than any other grass. We keep the sheep in the orchard, All of them compost our soil, and because of this natural fertilizing, plus using homemade compost, produces fruits that taste incredibly delicious.

 3) Our sheep. Quite cute and lovely, they like to relax under the big fig trees. The sheep make such a peaceful  and picturesque sight at our Organic Pomona farm.

 4) Our miniature female donkeys Cookie and Princie. They are very young and pretty. They like swimming in the sand pools they made together. Cookie and Princie eat every morning carrots pulp mixed with the grains. They sleep together in the barn, and sometimes they nibble each other, so our Cookie and Princie have a good relationship.

 We made homemade compost using Sr. Albert Howard's Indore method. This composting practice produces excellent quality fruits and vegetables, surpassing anything purchased at a grocery store.

I really enjoy my organic farm, and I love my freshest and delicious fruits and vegetables that I grow. I would like to share my  knowledge about organic farming. Do you have any questions or comments? Our business depends on your satisfaction, so please let us know what you think.  Visit our farm, buy fruits from us, or fruits trees if you wish. If you are interested or have any questions about it , then please  contact me.

Where to buy our produce.

1. Visit our farm in Coldspring.

2. In Houston near Downtown you can visit Central Co-op or visit several location in Houston area.

Please email me or call.


 Please look at the pictures below.

Our Peanut is very busy. She eats grass, and helps us in making excellent compost for our farm.
We invite our visitors to walk on our farm, and we show our vineyards, our orchard, and our gardens. You can buy delicious fruits from us and trees if you want to grow your own fruits. Our animals are friendly, and some of our visitors bring food for them, and feed and pet them. Nevertheless, if you bring your kids with you, then please keep watching your kids very carefully and do not leave them alone!!!!!!!!!!! 




Please get in touch to offer comments and join our mailing list for sales and specials!

You can e-mail us at:

Organic Pomona Farm
1011 Lower Vann Rd, Coldsprings, TX, 77331

We grow all our fruits using only the highest quality homemade compost that makes all our fruits incredible delicious, sweet, and full of nutrition. Although once certified organic, the fees became excessive, and we no longer seek organic certification. We grow Saijo, Giombo, Tamopan, Hira-Tanenashi, Fuyu, Saruga, and other unique varieties impossible to find in stores. Some fruits weigh more than one pound.The persimmons have different shapes, flavors, and textures. The fruits ripen on the trees naturally and have an attractive look and scrumptious taste. Please look at the pictures and visit our farm during the ripening season.
Visit us, taste, and buy our delicious and unique varieties of persimmons and figs from us! Email /Bobgrapes25@yahoo.com