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Locally grown persimmons, muscadine grapes, peaches,and figs for Houston area.

My fruit and grapevine nursery.

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My fruit and grapevine nursery.

Heavy with fruits, this branch leans to the ground

Burgandy plums.



When I started planting my orchard and vineyards, I thought that everything would grow here. I planted about one hundred different varieties of fruit trees and about twenty varieties of grapevines. I was very happy and had prepared baskets for my future harvests. To my great disapointment, almost all my fruit trees and vines had died after 1-2 years because they weren't very well adapted to our climate.However, it was my dream to have a beautiful orchard that would grow, bloom, and yield without any chemical fertilizers. For years, I kept testing the different varieties of fruit trees and grapevines, and had established what grows in Houston area very well.I maintain contact with the Universities along Gulf coast about the newest varieties that are released and I plant them in my orchard. I have approximately 120 fruit trees in my orchard now that grow and yield very well. You don't have to go through all the trouble I experienced. If you would like to buy a fruit tree or grapevine, then you should come to visit our Pomona nursery. I have for sale fruit trees and grapevines that are very well adapted to our hot and humid climate, need a little care, and yield very well. Let me tell you a little story. A few years ago my wife and I gave to our friends two grapevines that they planted near their fence. Two years later, our friends had a good yield on those grapevines and were very happy about it. The only thing that made them upset was that the elderly lady that was their neighbour kept eating the grapes also! She as well liked the taste, the juicy pulp, and sweetness and freshness of  the grapes, and later she planted her own grapevines near the same fence. Why wouldn't you plant a few fruit trees and grapevines that need a very little care and have your own fruits and grapes on your table practically for free? Do you like my idea? If you do, then please contact me, and I will be happy to recommend the local varieties that will grow and yield very well in your backyard.   



We grow all our fruits using only the highest quality homemade compost that makes all our fruits incredible delicious, sweet, and full of nutrition. Although once certified organic, the fees became excessive, and we no longer seek organic certification. We grow Saijo, Giombo, Tamopan, Hira-Tanenashi, Fuyu, Saruga, and other unique varieties impossible to find in stores. Some fruits weigh more than one pound.The persimmons have different shapes, flavors, and textures. The fruits ripen on the trees naturally and have an attractive look and scrumptious taste. Please look at the pictures and visit our farm during the ripening season.
Visit us, taste, and buy our delicious and unique varieties of persimmons and figs from us! Email /